Gaga touched by boyfriend's tears

Lady Gaga says her boyfriend Taylor Kinney loves her “fiercely” from the inside out.

Lady Gaga says it “means more than anything” that her boyfriend cries when she sings.

The 28-year-old performer has been dating actor Taylor Kinney since 2011, when they met on the set of her Yoü And I promo. They prefer not to live their life in the limelight, although Gaga has given a little insight into their relationship in a new interview.

“What has made me so happy with Taylor is that he fiercely loves me from the inside out,” she told Times 2.

“He’s very supportive of everything that I do. He’s the first man that I have dated that, when I sing onstage, he cries. That means more to me than anything.”

Although she’s toned it down a lot of late, Gaga is still known for wearing outlandish outfits. She’s donned a dress made of meat in the past and a coat made of Kermit the Frog puppets, but Taylor isn’t fazed by any of that.

“He is completely blind to the way that I dress, my creative process as it is – he knows me as the Italian-American girl my mother and father gave birth to,” she gushed.

The star also opened up about her career beginnings, and what she hopes will act as words of warning for other newcomers. Much as she was desperate to make it, Gaga went through a lot to become a success. She was treated badly by men who propositioned her, something she wants younger people to know they shouldn’t put up with.

“I experienced a lot. I had really awful experiences with men in the studio. Made me very uncomfortable,” she recalled. “I didn’t feel like I was being cherished for my vocal talents, but [was] seen more as someone to take advantage of. It is very hard, this business. And there are a lot of sharks. And I wish to set a good example. That’s why I’m so honest about those things, ’cause I don’t want to give the impression that this was handed to me on a silver platter. It was certainly not like that.”
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Wednesday, 15. October 2014