The Maddens have a twin-off

Benji Madden believes nature chose him to be the alpha twin.

Benji Madden has joked he’s the alpha brother because “God chose him”.

The musician and his twin brother Joel found fame in Good Charlotte and are now in the band The Madden Brothers. They have always been close, although they like to tease each other when given the chance.

“I am the alpha twin because I was born first. Nature chose me as the alpha twin. It’s not like I was in the womb and I said, ’I’m gonna be the alpha twin, get out of the way.’ God chose me,” Benji laughed in a joint interview with Details.

Not content to let that rest, Joel, who has two children with his wife Nicole Richie, then had his say.

“I hear you Benj, I think that’s a good point. I think that a true alpha doesn’t need to prove that he’s an alpha, I think there’s a lot to be said about the family that I have. A real man isn’t afraid to settle down and start a family…” he deadpanned.

The pair were quizzed on who had done certain things first, with Joel explaining he is the taller twin. However, that didn’t help him with the girls growing up, as it was Benji who had the first date.

“That would be Benj. He did go on a date first,” Joel admitted. “It was like a basement movie party or something.”

Part of the reason he was unlucky in love could have been because of his self-proclaimed unfortunate appearance.

“I was a lot paler, my cheeks were red, I got chapped lips a lot… very sensitive lips… it was such a hard time… Awkward phase,” Joel laughed.

Benji was the first to get a tattoo and also believes he is the funniest, with his brother insisting neither of them is that amusing.

They have also both been mistaken for each other, something they’ve got used to but it can occasionally cause problems.

“It’s such a normal thing to get mistaken for each other at this point in our lives that it’s almost like it can get pretty awkward because you just go with it… ‘Oh yeah man, good to see you too!’ And then sometimes if you’re in a situation where you’ll be talking to each other for a minute and they’ll realise that you’re not Joel and you just kind of look like a d**k because you didn’t feel like going, ’I’m not Joel,’” Benji laughed.
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Tuesday, 14. October 2014