Kelly O: Rivers cannot be replaced

Kelly Osbourne thinks reports she was quitting Fashion Police were “disrespectful”.

Kelly Osbourne has confirmed she will be returning to Fashion Police.

The 29-year-old has been a co-host on the popular E! Show since 2011. But the star was left devastated last month when the show’s anchor, comedienne Joan Rivers, died suddenly following a routine medical procedure. Her death left fans wondering if the programme would continue and Kelly has now confirmed it will be back with her resuming her seat once again.

“It’s my decision. I am going back, and no one is replacing Joan,” she told Queen Latifah during an appearance on her chat show on Monday. She added that stories about her quitting were “made up and so disrespectful.”

Joan was 81 when she passed away on September 4 in New York City. The purple-haired fashionista saw her as a second grandmother and because she is still grieving, Kelly finds it hard to hear the rumours surrounding who could replace the legendary comic.

“’Every day I wake up to another rumour of somebody and it’s not fair to do that to them because you’re basically saying they have these massive shoes to fill,” she said. “I don’t even think that a discussion has been had yet about any specific person. All we know is that the show is going to have a lot of similarities but it’s going to be a new form of Fashion Police.”

While Kelly is looking forward to the show’s return, she is still struggling to come to terms with the loss of someone she held so dear.

“To wake up every day and have one of the biggest parts of your life not there, and I’m still doing those things where I’m like ‘Ooooh.. I gotta tell…’ Oh, never mind – and then you find yourself in floods of tears,” she explained. “But this is all part of it, and the one thing I can always take away is what Joan taught me, and that is that we are so lucky, we have a job and it is amazing.”
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Monday, 13. October 2014