LiLo fears false people

Lindsay Lohan was reduced to tears when she spoke to her sister on the phone recently.

Lindsay Lohan most fears “faux friends”.

The actress is rebuilding her career after spending 90 days of court-ordered time in rehab last year.

It’s thought her former partying lifestyle was partially fuelled by hanging out with the wrong crowd.

When the British edition of Marie Claire asked her what her biggest fear is, the 28-year-old Mean Girls star was quick to answer: “Faux friends.”

Luckily she has her family to depend on, including younger sister Ali, 20.

“[Last time I cried was] yesterday, when I spoke to my sister, because I miss her,” she said.

Lindsay is currently over in the UK to perform in West End play Speed-the-Plow. Even before she was cast, the redheaded star was spending a lot of time in London and she revealed why the English capital appeals to her.

“I do have a great place here that I love, so I will be here after the play,” she explained.

“Then Lindsay [her Oprah Winfrey docu-series] will start filming again in January.

“But you know, I also like doing a lot of work with kids. Oprah is building more schools in Africa, so I think that’s where I’ll be going after the play. We take a lot for granted and it’s good to step outside yourself sometimes and look at what you have and go, ‘Wow, my life’s pretty good.’”

Lindsay added that the greatest thing for her is “second chances” and that she’s keen to make her loved ones proud by doing well in the play.
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Sunday, 12. October 2014