Nick Jonas’ Sofia empathy

Nick Jonas says the focus his muscles have attracted has made him understand how Sofia Vergara feels when people talk about her curves.

Nick Jonas thinks he understands how Sofia Vergara feels.

The former pop heartthrob has drastically changed his appearance by gaining 15lbs of muscle to star in upcoming DirectTV show Kingdom.

And Nick has revealed the focus on his new physique has made him empathise with curvy stars like Modern Family’s Sofia.

“I read an article about Sofia Vergara getting tired of people focusing on her curves… I’m starting to feel the same way!” Nick said in the interview with

“But it’s cool. The attention is really funny.”

Nick also revealed that while he worked hard to obtain the muscles needed to play MMA fighter Nate Kulina in the series, he has since slimmed down. And the 22-year-old said that while he enjoyed his new look, he also preferred getting back to normal after the shoot.

“I followed a healthy lifestyle but when I started shooting the show Kingdom I put on about 15lbs of muscle,” Nick said. “So on top of what I had already done I just sort of toned up and got really big. I’ve since lost about ten of that which feels a little better – a little less Hulk-ish.”

While Nick is most well-known for his musical stylings with siblings Joe and Kevin as The Jonas Brothers, he is hoping Kingdom will help establish him as a talented actor as well. But Nick is keen to insist he isn’t intending to favour either acting or singing.

“My goal is to be the kind of performer who can both act and sing,” he said. “I think that would be the ideal situation. I know it’s hard but I think if done the right way…”
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Wednesday, 08. October 2014