Meghan Trainor’s ‘Rihanna dream’

Meghan Trainor has spoken about what it was like writing country songs before her hit single, All About That Bass, was released.

Meghan Trainor admits writing for Rihanna is a huge dream of hers.

The 20-year-old songstress, who hails from the state of Massachusetts, shot to fame after her new single All About That Bass reached the number one spot on international music charts in nine countries.

Meghan began her career writing songs for country musicians in Nashville, and the successful singer-songwriter hopes to pen a track for one of her favourite Barbadian pop stars in the future.

“I was writing all these country songs, but I thought, ‘This isn’t really my kind of music,’” she told The Daily Beast. “My uncle is Caribbean so the dream was always to write for Rihanna. It still is, really.”

However, Meghan admits she wasn’t always a fan of Rihanna.

Although she wasn’t keen on the sound initially, the star learned to value the Umbrella singer’s unique voice after a while.

“People are always put off by something that’s fresh and new,” she noted. “When I first heard Rihanna I thought, ‘I’m not feeling this,’ and then I listened to her more and was all about it.”

Meghan became somewhat of an overnight sensation after All About That Bass was released June 2.

And as her fame grew, the star started receiving a lot of strange calls from people she communed with in the past.

“My prom date got ahold of my number and called me recently and congratulated me on everything that’s going on,” Meghan laughed. “I asked him what he was up to and he said he’s still living in our hometown. I was just like Oooook. Click.”
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Wednesday, 08. October 2014