Jessie J ‘victim of hoax dubbing’

Jessie J was reportedly the victim of video voice-dubbing to make it appear she couldn’t hit her notes.

Jessie J has reportedly become the latest victim of a voice-dubbing internet hoax.

A clip of the pop star introducing her new hit Bang Bang and failing to hit the notes recently went viral.

But new reports indicate the video was doctored to make it appear Jessie was off in an attempt to deliberately embarrass her.

UK newspaper The Mirror notes the “prankster version” was uploaded just days after the original video was posted online by TV network In:Demand. The content is believed to be identical, aside from the dubbed lyrics.

“Hello, I’m Jessie J – and this is Louis on guitar – I’m about to sing my first single from my third album Sweet Talker, and it is called Bang Bang. Let’s go,” she says in both.

A spokesperson for the singer had not immediately commented on the report.

However, the 26-year-old star recently opened up about how hurtful it is to hear rumours spread about her.

“Out of everything, hearing stories that aren’t true about myself and being ill are the hardest things I’ve had to deal with over the past few years. It never gets easier,” she told British magazine Cosmopolitan earlier this month.

The pop star was diagnosed with a hereditary heart defect when she was a child and spent much of her youth in hospital. Although her success has led many to believe she had fully recovered, Jessie admitted her health problems haven’t “gone away”.

“I still go to hospital. There are times when I have palpitations and I have to get on with it. I’m not on medication anymore but I have to balance my lifestyle and my diet, and not push myself,” she said. “When I don’t feel well I stop. You have to let the badness out like a bruise.”
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Tuesday, 07. October 2014