Jaden Smith: My dad's so deep

Jaden Smith can't put an age on his younger sister Willow because she's "too smart".

Jaden Smith says his dad is “pretty much” a philosopher.

The 16-year-old was born to Will and Jada Pinkett Smith who also have his younger sister Willow. With such talented parents, it’s no wonder he’s already appeared in films and is working on music. But Jaden says there’s more to his Oscar-nominated father than people realise.

“My dad is pretty much a philosopher. Nobody really knows the extent of how smart my dad is, and all the things he knows, except the people that have met him," he assured i-D.vice.com.

“He knows so many things; he’s into mathematics, so when he sees me getting into maths and sees me building, working power tools and learning how to cut angles he’s like, ‘Wow,’ and that makes me feel really good.”

Jaden added that it’s thanks to his parents he has such a good attitude and he credits them with turning him into “an amazing person”.

Despite Willow only being 13, she’s already had a smash hit with track Whip My Hair. It sometimes blows Jaden’s mind that he has such a talented sibling.

“I love the topic of love. I think teenage love is so crazy, so blind and so awesome that I’m glad Willow is here to express to us what it’s like to fall in love at whatever age Willow is," he gushed. “I don’t know what age she is, because she’s too smart to even have an age. I can’t express love, teenage love, or what it’s like to fall in love with somebody in one day. I’m glad there are people in the world that can express that.”

Jaden is currently linked to reality TV star Kylie Jenner, 17, and he was recently spotted hanging out with her older model sister Kendall.
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Monday, 06. October 2014