Payne perplexed by crazy tweets

Liam Payne admits some Twitter messages from his followers are a bit "crazy".

Liam Payne has received “shocking” messages from fans.

The One Direction star loves connecting with his followers on Twitter and often stays up late to communicate with them.

And while he enjoys being able to forge a bond, some direct messages leave him reeling.

“Get some crazy dms these days,” he admitted in a tweet.

“Some are fun some are shocking some are just strange lol

“I do try to read them all though (sic)”

Liam and the rest of the band – Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik – are currently on the last leg of their Where We Are Tour, which finishes in Miami on October 5. Despite the time difference to many of his fans, Liam shunned sleep to them on Twitter. However, he was anxious it would never be enough.

“Wish I could help all the people who get upset I’m trying my best to get to everyone it’s hard (sic),” he promised.

Alongside overzealous fans, the 21-year-old has been left scared by a recent film he watched. Prequel to The Conjuring, Annabelle, stars Annabelle Wallis and is about a haunted doll.

“How do I take my mind off this dam weird doll lol,” he complained.

“Me and josh are to scared to go to bed yet lol but neither will admit it aha

“People keep sending me Annabelle pictures your all mean aha (sic)”

There won’t be much of a break for the One Direction boys once their current tour ends. They are busy promoting upcoming album Four and will be back on stage with the On the Road Again Tour from February next year.
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Friday, 03. October 2014