Meet the cast from Are You The One Season 2!

  • Briana |  An outspoken California girl eager to obtain The One and settle down, Briana’s on a time crunch to find the man of her dreams, get married and start popping out babies sooner rather than later. She won’t let anyone get in the way of her personal goals — not even the 11th girl.

  • Layton | A country boy at heart who puts his faith first, Layton takes the search for his perfect match rather seriously, and no number of Miss Wrongs will get in the way of him finding his future Mrs. … hopefully.

  • Alexandria | Alexandria has a low (and we mean low) tolerance for cheaters and liars and has often let her jealous, controlling ways obstruct a healthy relationship. Can she tame her often unwarranted suspicions in time to find her soul mate?

  • Alex | The beekeeper-turned-comedian might be a recent Los Angeles transplant, but he’s no newbie with the ladies. Can this funny guy finally get serious about a girl once and for all?

  • Tyler | This Northeast native is looking for a man with a big… personality to match her own. Honest to a fault, Tyler tells it like it is and won’t stand for any dull dudes, even if he’s rockin’ a six-pack.

  • Garland | This smooth Midwesterner is attempting to reinvent his reputation as a ladies’ man by going on a cash-driven search for his soul mate. The only question is, will Garland get in touch with his inner gentleman before it’s too late?

  • Jasmine | The San Diego native is a dental hygienist who takes her job — and her dates — extremely seriously: Boys with bad teeth need not apply. While Jasmine has no problem luring in the men, she’s had a tough time getting them to stick around.

  • Shelby | The adopted daughter of a lesbian couple, Shelby has long lacked a male role model in her life — which could be why she often goes above and beyond to keep her boyfriends happy. But don’t let that fool you — the adorable Midwesterner is no pushover.

  • Anthony | A hard-partying player who likes to brag about his sizable package, Anthony is looking to tame his frat-boy ways and find a girlfriend he can bring home to mom. But only time (and a few “Are You The One?” episodes) will tell!

  • Ashley | A Southern belle with a highly energetic, athletic side, Ashley hopes to pursue her dreams of both finding love and becoming a professional cheer coach. In keeping with her faith, she has vowed to remain a virgin until marriage, purity ring and all. But will her perfect match (if she finds him!) be respectful of her V-card status?

  • Dario | While the Massachusetts native has high hopes for love, he has a bad habit of letting his twin brother take the lead in terms of the ladies. Guided by a dream of becoming a professional baseball player, Dario plans to hit a home run with his perfect match while helping to nail a million dollars in the process.

  • John | With his law school graduation right around the corner, John is raring and ready to find The One. The only stipulation? She’d better brush her teeth and appreciate the occasional bad poetry.

  • Nathan | Tattoos and piercings aside, Nathan is the kind of guy any gal would be happy to bring home to mom. The Michigan native tends to fall hard — and fast — almost to the brink of scaring off the ladies. Oh, and lushes need not apply.

  • Ellie | Ellie hails from a small Southern town, but don’t let that fool you — her personality, sass and no-filter nature are big! She quit her gig at a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant in the hopes of finding love (and some sweet cash). Will it work out in her favor or will she be forced to return to the land of “Would you like some fries with that?”

  • Christina | Despite being a self-proclaimed hippie (with a solid shot of confidence), Christina isn’t exactly bringing peace to the house as the “11th girl.” While she’s certainly got some unnamed competition, the blonde bombshell isn’t letting that stop her from scoring her shot at love.

  • Brandon | A self-proclaimed 1,022 (on a scale of one to 10, mind you), this confident prankster splits his time between one-night stands, a career in cancer research and professional poker. Can the Sin City native grow up in time to meet his perfect match?

  • Jessica | The East Coast transplant remains true to her bold Brazilian roots with a boisterous personality and a sometimes-bad habit of acting on impulse. Could her hasty choices interfere with her search for love and a shot at some sweet moolah?

  • Tyler | A closet sci-fi nerd with high standards, Tyler (and his newfound confidence) is prone to professing his undying love to the ladies after a few cocktails. Will his picky nature get in the way of his search for love… and money?

  • Jenni | Don’t let her innocent looks deceive you — Jenni describes herself as “a shot of whiskey in a porcelain teacup.” The full-time nurse may have a sweet demeanor, but she knows how to get down and dirty with a “work hard, play hard” mentality. Will her perfect match be able to keep up?

  • Curtis | The artistic Californian often wears his heart on his sleeve in the hopes of finding The One. Formerly a shy, skinny kid, Curtis is over being friend-zoned and is determined to snag the girl of his dreams.

  • Paris | The daughter of an NFL player and a fashion model, Paris pretty much hit the genetic lottery. She’s over dating a slew of Denver d-bags and is ready to find her match. The only stipulation? He’d better steer clear of strip clubs.

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    It’s time to feast your eyes on the lovely ladies & gents who're looking for their perfect matches on Season 2 of MTV's dating show.

    Are You The One is coming back to MTV Tuesday October 7th and things are a’changin’ this time around — with the addition of an 11th girl.

    >>> Find your perfect match with MTV's own Match Machine!

    Yep, 10 guys and 11 ladies will try to narrow down their search for love while a million dollars in cash lays on the line. One guy has two perfect matches, but only one can stay…and rest assured that the claws will come out as the girls fight to stay to the finish.

    Get to know our brand new eye candy in our gallery and tell us — who do you think will find love first, and who will be forced to leave empty-handed?

    Wednesday, 01. October 2014