Charli XCX promises wild record

Charli XCX feels her new album Sucker is "better informed" than her previous offerings.

Charli XCX’s new album is “raw and wild”.

The 22-year-old singer is set to release her third record Sucker later this year and has already had success with its debut single Boom Clap and second track Break the Rules. Charli – real name Charlotte Emma Aitchison – began performing in London at 18 and feels her new music reflects her thoughts and opinions better than her previous two offerings, 14 and True Romance.

“It’s punk-inspired. It’s definitely still a pop album, but there are moments where it is raw and wild,” she explained to the October issue of Nylon magazine. “I’m commenting on the music industry, the female body, and money, whereas before I mainly spoke about love. This record definitely feels better informed.”

It isn’t just her solo music Charli is known for. She also showed off her song-writing skills on Swedish duo Icona Pop’s hit I Love It and she co-penned hit track Fancy alongside Iggy Azalea, who she views as an iconic talent.

“Iggy is one of the coolest, most hard-working artists I’ve ever met,” she gushed. “She puts her all into everything she does, which I really admire. She’s also f**king hilarious.”

She may be jetting around the globe to promote her tunes but Charli is still passionate about her hometown. The brunette beauty describes pop music as “bubble-gum pink”, her last album True Romance as purple and she also has a colour for the English capital.

“For me, London is silver,” she smiled. “It can be mysterious, but I see it as a fun party city. If it was a drink it would be a cosmopolitan – something tacky but fun. That’s how I see London.”
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Monday, 29. September 2014