Awkward is back!!

Make sure you watch the start of the 2nd half of season 4 of Awkward - only on MTV!

Awkward is finally back! So before we jump into new juicy Awkward-drama, let’s quickly recap what happened in the first half shall we? So, Matty and Jake spent a night in jail, Jake and Tamara broke up, Jenna hooked up – and then broke up – with a college guy, Luke, and after hooking Matty up with the shady Eva realizes she still has feelings for him. When on a ski-trip Sadie and Jenna actually team up (shocker!) to warn Matty that Eva isn’t who he thinks she is and then Eva drops a bomb that she’s pregnant – with Matty’s baby. It’s all coming back to you? Awesome.

Make sure you check out the premiere of the second half of season 4 of Awkward, this Sunday at 19:00 only on MTV!

Friday, 26. September 2014