Take That 'shocked by Jason's departure'

Jason Orange had apparently seemed "a little withdrawn" for a long time before announcing he has quit Take That.

Jason Orange’s bandmates reportedly feel a “sense of shock” following his decision to quit Take That.

The singer announced he is leaving the British pop group late last night, with Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen continuing as a threesome. Apparently there was no massive blow out causing Jason to bow out, rather the 44-year-old star simply had enough.

“There [were] no arguments, no rows about this… just a sense of shock. But they all fully accept Jason’s decision,” an insider told British newspaper The Mirror

“They are still a band of brothers. Something was up around the last album with Jason doing few interviews and appearing a little withdrawn. Looking back clearly he was coming to the end of the road in his head.”

Jason confirmed the news by posting a statement on the group’s website. The band has seen a resurgence in popularity since 2006, with their latest record Progress out in 2010 and seeing Robbie Williams return. He initially quit Take That in 1995 but came back for both the album and subsequent tour.

The band is currently working on a new LP, which seems to have been the catalyst for Jason’s decision.

“I want to start by saying how proud I am of what we have achieved together over the years. However, at a band meeting last week I confirmed to Mark, Gary and Howard that I do not wish to commit to recording and promoting a new album,” he said.

“At the end of The Progress Tour I began to question whether it might be the right time for me to not continue on with Take That. At the start of this year and with my full knowledge and blessing the guys began writing new material.

“There have been no fallings out, only a decision on my part that I no longer wish to do this.”

Jason’s former bandmates also released a statement, insisting that while they are sad they completely support his decision to try something new. Apparently they are happy with the songs they have already laid down and believe they have what it takes to make it as a three-piece.

“The guys are devastated. They tried for a long time to get Jason to change his mind and it’s all still very fresh for them at the moment,” an insider told British newspaper The Sun

“But there’s a lot of new material sitting there which they’ve recorded as a trio – and it sounds amazing.

“Jason is an intensely private person and he had had enough of the scrutiny and the pressures of fame.”

The source added that Robbie has known of Jason’s decision for a while, but is highly unlikely to return to the group.
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Thursday, 25. September 2014