Sheeran: I don't play ball

Ed Sheeran has to be big spoon when cuddling, but finds it uncomfortable.

Ed Sheeran prefers to be little spoon so he doesn’t “squash” his private parts.

The Brit singer is currently loved up with girlfriend Athina Andrelos. Ed is known for his emotional and heartfelt lyrics, and isn’t against having a cuddle every now and then – but he has a preference.

“You see, I have to be the big spoon but I do like being little spoon sometimes,” he told Australian radio show Nova FM, referring to the term used to describe two people lying on their sides next to each other. “Do you know what it is? When you spoon, when you’re big spoon, your legs are like that [together] and they squash your balls. But when you’re little spoon, you can kind of go like that [lifts a leg up] and stretch your legs out. The worst thing in the world is squashed balls.”

Ed is also in touch with his feelings when it comes to having a cry every now and then. When asked which movie last made him tear up, he named a recent flick starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, about a young girl struck with cancer.

“The Fault in Our Stars. There was a point in the film where I just started, and I didn’t stop for about an hour,” Ed recalled. “And I was sat next to a really butch dude all bearded, and he [cried] at the same point there and we were kind of in it together. [I was] looking over like, yeah, I’m perfectly fine in this situation because this butch dude is going at it.”

The 23-year-old has won over fans worldwide with his albums + and x and it seems he is already working on new material. The redheaded musician also revealed on Twitter earlier today that he is set to perform Down Under in 2015.

“I’m coming to tour Australia and New Zealand next year, just announced dates here,” he said, posting a link to the website selling tickets.

“1 new song written and 4 new songs recorded and finished tonight, good nights work ! (sic)”
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Wednesday, 24. September 2014