Keira: Rock'n'roll lifestyle isn't appealing

Keira Knightley is perplexed by her husband's touring lifestyle.

Keira Knightley has never understood the fascination with the “27 Club”.

The term refers to a group of popular musicians that all died at the age of 27, such as Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix.

She may be married to Klaxons vocalist James Righton, but the 29-year-old has never been tempted to live a rock and roll lifestyle.

“Yes. And it’s a completely different way of life to my own,” she answered when asked if she’s ever been on tour with James.

“If you’re constantly playing with your band at night, your body has a completely different routine. But it doesn’t appeal to me. The legendary 27 Club, for example. I never thought, ‘Oh, living the rock and roll life and dying at 27 – that sounds amazing!’”

Keira has often dismissed music and admits she doesn’t even have a playlist. However, she did tip her toe into that world with movie Begin Again, in which she played wannabe singer Gretta.

Despite her aversion to the industry, Keira can see why people might get sucked into such a life.

“It’s the pushing of boundaries; that balance between light and dark, life and death. Just as moths are drawn to a flame, some people are obsessed with the rock and roll lifestyle and living as dangerously as possible,” she said.

“But the reality is rarely as glamorous or desirable as you’d imagine, is it?”

Keira added that the same goes for acting, emphasising she has to get up early and often encounters grumpy people who haven’t had enough sleep.

She puts on a front during interviews to deal with the situation.

“When I’m not in public, I’m 100 per cent a different person. You have to have something that’s just yours. Something private,” she smiled.
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Tuesday, 23. September 2014