J-Hud: New album is a blast

Jennifer Hudson enjoyed creating a new connection with people as she made her latest album JHUD.

Jennifer Hudson felt as though she was having a party while recording her new album.

The 33-year-old singer is set to release her third record, JHUD, tomorrow, which features the likes of Pharrell Williams and R. Kelly. It follows on from her hit albums I Remember Me in 2011 and her self-titled 2008 debut; but this time around Jennifer found the recording process a lot more fun.

“I swear every session was like a party, it felt like a celebration. Whereas my other albums, it was just me in a booth and the producer,” she explained to USA Today. “I’d mess about with them, you know, we got to fill it with music and you can tell what people respond to and it created a new connection to the people. So every session, from then on out, was like a party. A JHUD party.”

Jennifer has already spoken about the decision to again title an album after herself, and has even given the sensation of listening to her music its own name. Continuing her interview, the songstress explained the thought process behind her latest offering.

“I wanted everyone to get a sense of who I am, who Jennifer Hudson is as a person, the girl. And on this album I feel as though it reflects. Like my personality, me as a music lover, me as a musician and all of that stuff,” she added. “What else I call it is Jenniferising. I feel as though you can Jenniferise through this album, really get a sense of my personality, my energy and my story and everything. That’s why I named it JHUD.”

It wasn’t just her own persona which influenced the record; Jennifer cited her five-year-old son David as a big part of making her feel confident of her talent.

“He’s very musically inclined, the way I was just singing harmony with him the other night and teaching him musical stuff,” she recalled. “He’s like, ‘Mommy, how do you know what the name of the song is?’ Just seeing him, his connection to music and how much is instilled in him lets me know how much is in me, which inspires me even more.”
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Monday, 22. September 2014