Channing: I'm done with wrestling

Channing Tatum doesn't want to wrestle ever again because he found it tough being locked in combat.

Channing Tatum found learning how to wrestle “amazing” but won’t be doing it again.

The American hunk stars as Mark Schultz in upcoming movie Foxcatcher, a real-life murder tale centred on an Olympic wrestler, his sponsor and his brother.

The role was physically demanding for Channing, who didn’t realise how hard wrestling was before he tried it out.

“Wrestling is one of the most painful things I’ve ever done. I’ve played many sports but none like this. It’s the only sport I know where you have no down time, no time to pull away and dance around a bit,” he revealed to the British edition of Hello! magazine. “Even in boxing you can back away and dance around a bit, but in wrestling you’re locked in combat with the other guy the whole time, and that’s it. It was an amazing discipline to learn, but I do not need to do it ever again.”

While wrestling may not be his thing, Channing does pride himself on his American football and baseball skills.

The 34-year-old is no stranger to taking his shirt off in movies, especially when it comes to his stripper alter ego in the Magic Mike franchise. But Channing has always been honest about his lax diet and workout regime when he’s not shooting.

The actor’s honest attitude to junk food breaks from the norm of a lot of Hollywood hunks, and the star admits the easiest ways to upset him is to take away his meals.

“Everything!” he laughed when quizzed on what food he consumes when not dieting. “Cheeseburgers, pizza, beer, all the usual suspects that make you fat. I’m insatiable and if you try to take it away from me, it’s like taking a piece of candy away from a kid, because I’ll cry.”
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Saturday, 20. September 2014