Sam Smith: People need to hear my music

Sam Smith wants to reach all communities with his music.

Sam Smith worried coming out would put his career at risk.

The 22-year-old has had massive success with his music, and picked up the Critics’ Choice BRIT Award this year.

He’s always been very open about his sexuality, but admits he was initially worried about telling people he is gay.

“I’ve been very open from a very young age about it. The thought of people not being able to hear the music I make scared me, because that’s my dream,” he confessed to British newspaper Daily Star.

“That’s been my dream from a very young age. So it was a risk but I was proved completely wrong."

Hits such as Money On My Mind and Stay With Me have made Sam popular all over the world, gracing the top ten in the UK and US charts.

The young star is grateful he can share his tracks with so many people, as he wants as many fans as possible to relate to his lyrics.

“What I meant was I don’t want to limit to just one community. I want to reach everyone, gay people, lesbians, transsexuals, straight people, Catholics, anyone," he smiled.

Fame doesn’t come without its risks however, and like many other celebrities he’s had to put up with Twitter trolls. Luckily he remains positive.

“People say things. They’re cocky behind their computers,” he shrugged.

And generally, he’s been receiving an overwhelming amount of love – even from fellow A-listers. He counts Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus among his friends and even met Beyoncé Knowles recently.

“You recognise them more for their talent than fame. I met Beyoncé. She told me my voice was like butter," he gushed.
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Friday, 19. September 2014