LeAnn blasts manufactured music

LeAnn Rimes says the music industry has become too manufactured.

LeAnn Rimes has blasted today’s new artists for being too manufactured.

The 32-year-old singer says that in particular the country music universe has drastically changed, and not for the better.

LeAnn admitted in a new interview with newspaper The CantonRep she feels “really sad” about the state of play today.

“A lot of the older country music, there were these amazing stories and real feeling, and I feel a lot of that’s lost now,” LeAnn said. “It’s just really hard for me to tell anybody apart these days. It’s really sad.”

However, there is one artist that LeAnn thinks has maintained her authenticity.

“I have always loved Miranda Lambert,” she added. “She’s very authentic with who she is, and I love watching her perform.”

LeAnn is currently on tour with her latest album, Spitfire.

And the stunning blonde is incredibly proud of the record, because she feels it represents a truer side of herself.

“My last album I feel there was such an authenticity and humanity to that record I don’t feel I’ve ever had before,” LeAnn said.

“I didn’t really know how to be authentic when I was a kid. It’s almost like things have been reversed for me. I was such an adult as a kid, and now as an adult there’s parts of me that are growing up. I feel like everything’s starting to mesh together. I’m not afraid of human emotions and sharing it.”
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Thursday, 18. September 2014