Gwen Stefani’s Gavin uncertainty

Gwen Stefani was unsure about the prospect of working with husband Gavin Rossdale on The Voice.

Gwen Stefani was unsure about having husband Gavin Rossdale on The Voice.

The No Doubt frontwoman is joined by her spouse as guest mentor on the upcoming season of the American talent show.

But Gwen, who has three sons with Bush star Gavin, admits she wasn’t convinced teaming up with her other half on the show would be successful.

“I went back and forth about having Gavin on because we have only collaborated on babies before,” Gwen said at a press day for the new series. “They turned out really cute… he breeds well.”

Gwen added the timing of Gavin’s appearance on the show was also less than helpful.

And the pair ended up getting into an argument because Gwen was so “overwhelmed” by the situation.

“I was really overwhelmed that Gavin was actually going to be on with me, and we got in a little fight about it the night before because I was like, I don’t know if I can handle this,” she said. “It’s just too much. Then I slept on it in, and in the morning I said, ‘You know what, let’s do this. It’s going to spice things up.’ ”

Now Gwen is thrilled she managed to overcome any insecurities she had about working with Gavin, as their collaborative efforts worked incredibly well on the show.

“He’s smart. He’s so musical, and I just didn’t know – you know, you play different roles for different people in your life, and I’m his wife, so it was weird, but it was awesome,” she said. “And it was really, really fun to do that with him, and the whole process is just so inspiring for me.“
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Thursday, 18. September 2014