Kelly O supports Good Girl Freak Out

Kelly Osbourne has spoken about her experience starring in Double Duchess’ new music video for their single, Good Girl Freak Out.

Kelly Osbourne is “honoured” to be starring in the Good Girl Freak Out music promo.

The 29-year-old Fashion Police host appeared as Jem of 1980s cartoon Jem and the Holograms in the music video for Good Girl Freak Out, a new single by band Double Duchess featuring Future People.

Kelly is elated to have worked on the project because she thinks the song’s message is so powerful.

“I’m so honoured to be a part of something so special and beautiful with a message I live by,” she gushed to Radar Online.

Double Duchess is comprised of electro-pop duo davO & Krylon Superstar, who hail from San Francisco and first began making tunes together in 2010.

The pair hope Kelly’s wild music video appearance, which sees her donning in a purple wig and brazen makeup, will allow people to express themselves more easily.

“Through our music, we ask everyone to be and tell your truth regardless of sexuality, gender, race,” Double Duchess stated. “We don’t want any beautiful faces hidden from the world.”

According to the music promo’s director, JB Ghuman, Kelly was a dream to work with.

The star was willing to go all out in order to satisfy the creative aesthetic JB and producers lined out.

“Kelly is hyper into the art tip and hella supportive of things she’s into,” JB said. “She also gets my insanity.”

Fans can view Kelly’s performance in Double Duchess’ video for Good Girl Freak Out on YouTube.
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Wednesday, 17. September 2014