Hilary Duff talks parenting

Hilary Duff makes sure her son Luca knows it's "really nice" to share his toys with other children.

Hilary Duff is teaching her son how “lucky” he is to have lots of toys.

The 26-year-old star is mom to adorable tot Luca, two, who she has with estranged husband Mike Comrie. Her son may still be young but Hilary is already thinking to the future with the lessons she is teaching him.

“We have done toy cleanups before,” Hilary told wonderwall.msn.com. “I’ve tried to explain to him why the other kids can use his toys. And that he’s kind of outgrown these and that he’s really lucky to have lots of toys. And how it would be really nice to share with other kids.”

Hilary herself has been in the spotlight since landing the lead role in hit Disney show Lizzie McGuire in 2000. Because of her rise to fame so early she has a game plan for if Luca one day reveals he wants to venture into the world of celebrity.

“I would be cautious, but I feel like from a really young age I knew what I wanted in life and it wasn’t like my parents pushed me into anything. They just supported me through it,” she explained. “So I guess I would do the same thing. And I would try to inspire him to have other interests as well, so he wasn’t just putting all his eggs into one basket…”

But in the meantime Hilary is enjoying the little things about how her child is developing. One of these is Luca brushing his teeth, and the blonde beauty admits it can be a challenge every now and then.

“Sometimes he’ll fight me on it, when he’s just in a mood or something like that. But we try to make it fun and challenging, like sometimes we’ll be like, ‘I bet you can’t you can’t stand on one foot and brush your teeth,’" she smiled.
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Wednesday, 17. September 2014