Michelle Dockery: I'm not always up for a selfie

Michelle Dockery and her Downton Abbey castmates love to "send themselves up" on set.

Michelle Dockery uses the alter ego “rich Britney” to stay incognito in America.

The British actress has won worldwide fame thanks to her portrayal of Lady Mary Crawley on popular period drama Downton Abbey.

Despite being a UK show it’s huge in the US, but the 32-year-old has a clever way of staying undercover when she heads across the pond. In fact, she pretends to be a wealthy American – “rich Britney from Beverly Hills”.

“It’s a silly spoof, but it passes the time,” she laughed to Radio Times magazine.

“We’re always sending ourselves up. Even on set, when you’re doing a serious scene, you can’t help but see the funny version.”

Downton Abbey has plenty of famous fans, with George Clooney even rumoured to appear in a Christmas special of the show. Luckily Michelle is slowly accepting that her stardom comes at a price.

“I’m recognised in Britain but it’s only difficult if you become irritated by it.

“I find it quite easy to accept now, although at first I was nervous of complete strangers coming over and wanting to talk," she admitted.

“Sometimes they want selfies, and I’ve said no occasionally, although you don’t have to be rude.

“There’s a time and place. If I’m with my godchildren having a meal in a restaurant and someone wants a picture, which I realise might make their day, it’s not appropriate."

Michelle added that the hustle and bustle of England’s capital city does manage to preserve her anonymity occasionally.

“Generally in London no one even looks because they’re going their own way, but in Los Angeles people expect to see someone off TV or in a film walking the dog, so you’re approached more. But there aren’t many disadvantages to being in a show like this," she smiled.
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Tuesday, 16. September 2014