Demi's farty fans

Demi Lovato caused one fan to get so nervous, they passed wind when they met her.

Demi Lovato was “farted on” by a fan at a meet and greet.

The 22-year-old singer started her Demi World Tour on September 6 and will travel through the US and Canada before finishing in New York City on October 27.

She’s met plenty of fans along the way, but it hasn’t always been so pleasant.

“Just finished a meet and greet. Someone legitimately got nervous and farted on me. I guess there’s a first time for everything.. Right? (sic)” she shared with her followers on Twitter.

One promptly asked: “was it one of those rotten egg smelling ones or did you just hear the noise?! (sic)”, to which Demi replied: “ROTTEN DUDE!!!! (sic)”

Demi plays in Orlando, Florida, tonight and will also visit the likes of New Orleans, Tulsa and Denver.

As well as working hard on her shows, the star covers the latest edition of Fault magazine.

Demi has had her fair share of struggles, admitting to cocaine and alcohol addiction in the past, and checking in to rehab for physical and emotional issues in 2010.

“I use to get frustrated that just because I wanted to sing, I was automatically expected to be a role model,” she admitted.

“I pride myself in being a role model but I’m not perfect – I curse like a sailor and I sometimes make mistakes, but at the same time I want to be what I know my little sister and that younger generation needs.”
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Monday, 15. September 2014