Gaga ‘wants to perform with Bowie in space’

Lady Gaga is reportedly dying to sing with Ziggy Stardust hitmaker David Bowie during her Virgin Galactic show next year.

Lady Gaga reportedly wants to sing with David Bowie in outer space.

The 28-year-old Applause singer is due to perform in a Virgin Galactic ship at zero gravity next year, according to Us Weekly.

And apparently the songstress wants Starman legend David to do the show with her.

“Gaga wants David to perform as she knows what a legend he is and what an amazing talking point it would be,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror.

David suffered a heart attack onstage at a 2004 show in Germany and he last publicly sang at a charity bash in 2006 with Alicia Keys.

He’s been notoriously reclusive of late in relation to career and it’s rumoured Virgin Galactic officials are worried he’ll decline performing with Gaga in outer space.

“But will he agree to do it?” the insider questioned.

“Organisers will have a fortune to throw at him. But getting him to say yes might be another matter.”

After blasting into the outer edges of the atmosphere with Virgin Galactic, Gaga is rumoured to be singing at The Zero G Colony in New Mexico, a three-day festival celebrating cutting-edge technology and top-flight entertainment.

According to Us Weekly, Gaga will fly into space and perform one track at dawn on the third day of the event. She is also expected to take her expert team of stylists along for the ride.

Gaga isn’t the only famous face eager to board a Virgin Galactic ship.

Last year it was also reported that Harry Styles was desperate to get on Virgin mogul Sir Richard Branson’s spacecraft. He is believed to have bid an impressive £150,000 in an expensive effort to book his place, while a host of A-listers including Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, rockers Muse, Russell Brand and Kate Winslet have apparently already secured their seats.
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Monday, 15. September 2014