Collins excited by Lopez introduction

Lily Collins "couldn't believe it" when she discovered Jennifer Lopez follows her on Instagram.

Lily Collins was star struck when Jennifer Lopez asked her for a photo.

The 25-year-old actress’ career in Hollywood has soared thanks to roles in movies such as Mirror Mirror and Stuck in Love. Since hitting the limelight, Lily has mingled with many A-list stars; but it was one celebrity in particular the brunette beauty couldn’t contain her excitement over.

“The first time I met J-Lo, she asked me for a picture. She said: ’It’s great to finally meet you, I follow you on Instagram.’ I just couldn’t believe it!” she recalled to British magazine Look.

It isn’t just her performance skills Lily is known for – her dad is iconic singer Phil Collins. The star feels lucky to have had her famous parent on hand to lend her advice on how to approach fame.

“Where your private life is concerned, you choose what you make public. You don’t have to answer an unpleasant question,” Lily shared when asked what she’s learnt from her father. “It’s important to understand you can be in this business without giving everyone the right to intrude into your private life.”

Despite now being an acclaimed actress, Lily didn’t originally plan to go down the movie stardom route. She studied broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California and still enjoys penning things in her spare time; even if no one else reads her words.

“I keep a journal and I write as much as I can. I would love to write a screenplay, too. I started one a year ago, but I haven’t had the time to really make much progress since then,” she added. “I love to read magazines – they’ve always fascinated me.”
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Sunday, 14. September 2014