Fox 'always wants to please'

Freddie Fox knows he can be egotistic, but think it's normal for actors.

Freddie Fox can be “inauthentic” in the hope people will like him.

The 25-year-old actor has a starring role in The Riot Club, a film about the elite at prestigious Oxford University in England.

While his character James Leighton-Masters is unlikely to have many fans, Freddie can’t help hoping others will warm to him.

“I have that desire to be liked,” he sighed to the latest edition of British ELLE magazine.

“I feel that an awful lot; wanting to please, which means I can be inauthentic with emotions and mask the truth, whether it’s anger or something else.

“I certainly have my fair share of ego, too, but I think all actors have to have a certain proportion of ego to stand up on a stage.”

Freddie’s Riot Club co-stars include the likes of Max Irons, Douglas Booth and Sam Claflin. It’s his ability to give himself a kick up the butt when needed that has helped him get this far.

“I’m a deeply pragmatic person; I’m very good at cracking on,” he said.

“I have my blue days, but they’re one-offs.”

When he needs to get himself out of a funk, the star likes to go swimming. But he does have some lazy days, too.

“I tend to steer clear of box sets because they take up a hell of a lot of time and I feel guilty for not doing something more productive, like learning another language, or my lines,” he smiled.

“But the two box sets that I couldn’t resist and had to watch – like eating Pringles out of a tube – were The Wire and Breaking Bad.”
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Sunday, 14. September 2014