Grande misses grandad every day

Ariana Grande says the death of her grandpa sometimes still "hits" her.

Ariana Grande still feels her grandfather “guiding” her.

The singer lost her beloved “grandps” to cancer in July, after spending weeks at his bedside with her family.

Now a couple of months have passed, but the 21-year-old still carries his memory with her. Earlier today she shared a picture on Instagram of the way the heavens looked the day he passed away.

“can’t remember if I ever showed y’all this picture or not but this was the sky on the afternoon we lost grandps… unreal. so beautiful! the whole sky cried with us and the heavens opened way up for him!” she wrote to her followers.

“miss him every day. just when u think you’re okay about it, it’s hits u again! but I feel his presence protecting me and guiding me every day so for that I’m grateful. but man, he was the greatest. the OG :) (sic)”

The starlet often posted about her elderly relative, sharing pictures of herself with him on Twitter and Instagram. Luckily, she had her fans to help her through her grief, with many of them posting messages of support.

Ariana has also been focusing on spiritual practice Kabbalah and recently tweeted about how much it’s influencing her.

“skype study moments w my kabbalah tutor ruthie are my favorite…. miss & adore her so much there are no words… she makes me cry #love,” she wrote.

“wish she had a twitter. she’s actually the wisest, greatest, sweetest, most beautiful human being on the planet! #RuthieAppreciationTweet (sic)
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Friday, 12. September 2014