Virgin Territory: The Cast

  • Desperate to get rid of his v-card soon, John is on a mission to fit in with his buddies, find a girl, and have sex immediately.

  • Dominique has decided to break the mold in her family and remain a virgin until after she’s married.

  • Known as the “Kissing Bandit”, Luke struggles internally with his religious restrictions and raging hormones.

  • Mikaela is a virgin on the prowl for a nice tattooed, alternative hipster to lose her virginity to.

  • Kyle has been keeping his virginity a secret from his hard-partying friends for fear of losing their respect. His college friends might think it’s uncool, but Kyle is determined to lose his virginity to someone special, not just a one-night stand.

  • Anna grew up with her conservative family in Ohio where she was always taught to save sex for marriage. When she moved to Orlando for school, though, she felt as though she finally found herself and was able to let her wild personality shine.

  • Being raised in a religious Catholic household, Shelby always dreamt of saving sex for the man she was going to marry, but now that the temptations of college life are amongst her, she finds herself wondering if the wait is really worth it.

  • nike has been with her boyfriend Julien for almost a year and has been promising that she will give up her virginity to him on their anniversary.

  • Never been kissed, David is on his way to being the most awkward virgin in town. Now his friends are on a mission to help him overcome his lack of sex appeal in order to move him out of the friend zone and into the hook-up zone.

  • Marjorie is a party girl currently in her senior year of high school and looking to lose her virginity.

  • Keyaira wants to lose her virginity to someone special but isn’t against having a little fun in the interim.

  • Alec is a young gay man who grew up in the small, conservative, town of Mesa, Arizona where he felt it wasn’t acceptable to be openly gay… until now.

  • Lisa was raised in a religious family with strong Christian values and believes firmly in not having sex before marriage. Now that she’s engaged, Lisa is ready to fully commit to her fiance Nick and can’t wait for their wedding night.

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    Like a virgin...

    Virgin Territory follows the lives of fifteen young adults, all of whom are trying to maneuver the often tricky world of virginity. Messy love lives, awkward parental sex talks, sexually active friends, and the pressure to give in to their temptations – all can make for a very tumultuous journey for these abstinent adolescents. Each hour long episode explores four different v-card-carrying cast members from all walks of life. Some of them are hanging on to their virginity and others are desperately trying to lose it. Get to know who’s who and who prioritizes what in our gallery above!

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    Thursday, 11. September 2014