James McAvoy: I’m a homebody

James McAvoy says he and his wife put forth the effort to ensure at least one parent is home with their child at all times.

James McAvoy admits he and his wife are “generally at home”.

The 35-year-old Scottish actor is married to actress Anne-Marie Duff and the couple welcomed their son Brendan into the world in 2010.

The pair are very devoted to their family and James reveals they do everything in their power to balance heavy work demands with personal obligations.

“My wife and I take turns [working], so one of us is generally at home,” he explained to USA Today. “So we both get to fulfill ourselves professionally. We both get to be proper parents without relying on nannies too much.”

James, who has appeared in blockbusters like X-Men: Days of Future Past and Muppets Most Wanted, always felt the need to holiday every now and then.

The star simply doesn’t believe in being a workaholic.

“I always took time off because I thought it was important to be with my wife and be with my mates,” he shared. “One year I had three movies in Toronto. I’d done 5 movies in a year. At quite a young age, I wanted to get out of this perpetuating cycle of having to take everything that comes my way. You have this fear that no one will hire you.

“And I know that sounds like such a privileged thing to say. It sounds sort of like champagne problems. But you are quite often on set every day having a mental breakdown because it’s in the script. You’re pushing yourself. It’s really hard. You can’t do it constantly.”

James will next be seen in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them, which also stars Jessica Chastain. The picture is released in US cinemas September 12.
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Wednesday, 10. September 2014