Katy Perry ‘offered millions for book’

Katy Perry is said to be getting offers from publishers to write a book on her life story.

Katy Perry is reportedly receiving multimillion dollar publishing offers.

The 29-year-old Dark Horse singer has had an incredibly interesting life and it’s claimed American publishers are desperately attempting to get her to sign a book deal.

The star’s ex-husband Russell Brand previously discussed his private life in a tome that’s part of his The Booky Wook series and apparently editors are hoping Katy will write a similarly explicit autobiography.

“Katy thought that Russell was going to tell all about what they got up to in the bedroom – but now she can breathe again,” a source told UK newspaper The Mirror.

“Her main cause of concern was there wasn’t any post-divorce agreement in place, leaving him to talk about her whenever he pleases.

“However, now the boot is on the other foot because Katy is being offered deals to come out and present her version of events.”

Russell signed an over $2 million, two-book deal with HarperCollins. The first tome, My Booky Wook, was released in 2007 and largely dealt with the entertainer’s philosophical viewpoint. Booky Wook 2: This Time It’s Personal, his first autobiography, reached shelves in 2010.

And it’s recently been claimed he is putting off a third memoir in order to put his efforts into other endeavours.

Katy divorced Russell in 2012 and should she agree to write a book about the experience, publishers supposedly believe the autobiography would climb to the top of best-seller lists around the world.

“She wasn’t very kind to Russell when she spoke about him after the split and with her star at such a meteoric height, publishers expect her to be a bestseller,” the insider said.

“Her story and relationships are fascinating to many people in America, from her pop fans, Christian groups and star-loving book readers.”
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Tuesday, 09. September 2014