Gaga ‘requests oxygen tank’

Lady Gaga has reportedly asked for strange items while touring in the Middle East.

Lady Gaga has supposedly requested an “oxygen tank” be placed in her dressing room.

The 28-year-old singer is currently performing the Middle Eastern leg of her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball concert tour.

And according to British newspaper The Mirror, Gaga made some “extravagant” requests on her rider.

The outlet reports the star’s camp asked for “an oxygen tank in her dressing room and peanut butter with flax seed in it with no more than 4g of sugar”.

Her lodging demands are said to include “black satin drapes in her hotel room, silver satin sheets, posters of Elton John, David Bowie and Queen, and fan art”.

When the singer arrives in her temporary residence, the website claims her rider demands “vases must be filled with white and yellow roses, and lavender, and sofas must be white leather”.

Gaga has just landed in Dubai and since her arrival the star has been posting multiple updates about her experience in the United Arab Emirates on Facebook.

“My fans were so sweet at the airport I was so choked up! I have been dreaming of coming to the Middle East and finally #dreamscometrue,” she gushed.

In a later message, Gaga addressed her wonderful accommodations. The star raved about her incredible hotel room while donning a sparkly dress.

“Lady Dubai in my absolutely exquisite hotel. What a privilege to be here. They have been so gracious and kind to me. #DubaiMonster4Life,” she wrote.

Gaga also met fans in Dubai at a meet and greet. And the event led her to write an inspiring post on why performing in the city is so important to her.

“I hope during this trip I can show my true self, with a message of acceptance, tolerance, a respect for individuals of all cultures.”

Gaga performs in Dubai on September 10 and according to The Mirror, she will be “censoring” her show for cultural reasons.
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Tuesday, 09. September 2014