Jennifer Garner: Ben busted my phone

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck had a slight mishap while doing the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Ben Affleck broke Jennifer Garner’s phone during the ALS ice bucket challenge.

The charity dare involves the participant subjecting themselves to icy water while being filmed and then nominating others to do the same and donate to the cause. It’s proved popular in Hollywood, with plenty of celebrities getting involved.

A-list married couple Ben and Jennifer took things a step further in their video, when the actor jumped into a cold pool and took his wife with him.

“If you drop your phone, or if your husband tosses you in the pool on the ALS challenge and you weren’t expecting it, and your phone was in your back pocket and it got killed… you have to go a day without your phone!” she laughed to Access Hollywood.

In Jennifer’s latest movie Men, Women & Children she plays an over-protective mother, who’s keen to set boundaries when it comes to her daughter’s cell phone and internet use.

Like many, the star relies heavily on technology but found some time without her phone wasn’t as difficult as she’d expected.

“I had a day without my phone, and at first, it was, ‘Ben, you could have told me, so I could have taken it out of my pocket,’ but [then] it was so liberating not to have it and not to check it, and just be like, ‘Well, people will have to call me if they need me!’” she smiled.

In real life, Ben and Jennifer are parents to eight-year-old Violet, five-year-old Seraphina and Samuel, who was born in 2012. They recently denied rumours they are expecting a fourth child.
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Monday, 08. September 2014