Jaime King: Actors are like lovers

Jaime King finds locking eyes with a talented actor a profound experience.

Jaime King likens working with a good actor to sharing a profound moment with a lover.

The American actress is currently gracing cinema screens as Goldie/Wendy in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, the hotly anticipated sequel to the 2005 original.

The movie stars some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis, who all return to reprise their roles in the comic noir flick.

“There is something transcendental about being in a scene with someone, locked into his eyes. Working with good actors is like being with a husband or lover or friend in a profound moment. It’s the soul connection we look for in every aspect of our lives," Jaime mused to Vegas magazine.

Despite her love of working alongside a talented thespian, Jaime had to go it alone for much of the second instalment of Sin City. Her characters Goldie and Wendy are a set of twins, and the blonde star was required to play both roles.

“We shot in one day, nobody was cast yet, and I was basically acting against an assistant director’s hand.

“When you have directors giving you that sort of freedom you can push the boundaries further than you would have with sets and props," she explained.

Jaime appeared in the first movie and has a close bond with her co-stars and the film’s directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.

She even took over party-planner duties for Frank’s birthday a few years ago. The 35-year-old booked a room at the Four Seasons Las Vegas for Frank, who also penned the books the movie is based on, and got the rest of the cast to fly over for a surprise party.

“I told him we were having a couples’ getaway and then secretly had the whole cast fly in – Robert, Rosario Dawson, Paz Vega and Gerard Butler. We got all the way there without him suspecting, and then Paz ran into Frank in the lobby and was like, ‘Aren’t you excited? It’s your birthday!’ She didn’t realise it was a secret,” she recalled.

“I thought Vegas was appropriate for a Sin City reunion. Everyone loved going and it was a good parallel to the film. The night was perfect.”
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Sunday, 07. September 2014