Rita Ora: Opinions don’t concern me

Rita Ora has spoken about how she grew to embrace her own autonomy.

Rita Ora could “give two sh*ts” about what people think of her.

The 23-year-old British singer’s career has taken off recently, as she landed a role in highly anticipated film Fifty Shades of Grey and she also designed a collection for Adidas.

And Rita is happy with the creative decisions she’s made so far in her career.

“[I] give two sh*ts about anyone’s opinion,” the star revealed in an interview with UK newspaper The Evening Standard.

Rita feels more empowered now than ever before.

The songstress believes her new sense of confidence developed by being firm with what she desires professionally.

“When I started I was only 17. I was overwhelmed with the power of men in the industry and the thinking that you have to fulfil somebody’s image,” she explained. “I accepted tracks [they wanted] because, you know, it was a ‘legendary writer’ or something. This time, I feel more comfortable in my skin. I’m 23 and I’ve experienced a bit more. I’ve actually had fights about tracks that were not being approved by the label. Now I’m like, ‘I don’t care who wrote it’. And when someone says, ‘No this isn’t right,’ I say, ‘No this is f**king right because it’s my album.’”

Rita split with Scottish producer Calvin Harris in June after dating for about a year.

He wrote and produced the lead track from her new album, I Will Never Let You Down.

Calvin wouldn’t allow Rita to perform the song at last month’s MTV VMAs and it’s rumoured he won’t let her use any of the tracks they wrote together for her upcoming second studio album.

But Rita says their co-created music wouldn’t make sense on her LP anyway.

“Obviously the obvious happened. We broke up,” she said. “But the songs that we did together didn’t make sense musically with the album because we did them a while ago.”
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Friday, 05. September 2014