Chris Brown: I live honestly

Chris Brown has opened up about his recent legal struggles in a new interview with Billboard.

Chris Brown is trying to live the most “true, honest” life he can.

The 25-year-old singer pled guilty to misdemeanour assault earlier this week after he was accused of hitting a man outside a hotel in Washington last October.

For over five years, Chris has been embroiled in legal trouble, but the star insists he has now turned a corner.

“I realise that what I do for a living opens my life to public scrutiny and that I have a responsibility to everyone because of that exposure,” Chris told Billboard. "I can say that I am only human and I have made mistakes. I can say that I try to live my life in the most true, honest way that I can.

“I am not perfect, no one is. No one is harder on me than me. No one can please everyone. No one can live in the past and expect to grow. I have been moving forward and hope that I am not defined by just a few moments in my life but all of the moments that will make up my life."

Chris remains on probation following his assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna, but he wasn’t sent to jail for pleading guilty in the D.C. misdemeanour case, as the judge sentenced him to time served.

The star had his probation for the assault on Rihanna revoked last year after he was accused of the Washington D.C. assault. He previously checked himself into rehab voluntarily, but was then sentenced to 90 days in an anger management facility.

A few months later, Chris was kicked out of rehab and arrested in March, meaning he had to go to prison. The star was sentenced to serve an additional 131 days in May, with the judge initially handing down 365 days, but taking into account the 234 he’d already spent in jail and rehab. He was finally released on June 2 and the star has been out of jail ever since.
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Friday, 05. September 2014