Radcliffe: I crushed on Kirsten Dunst

Daniel Radcliffe was a huge Kirsten Dunst fan when he was growing up, and cites one of her films as his favorite rom-com.

Daniel Radcliffe was in love with Kirsten Dunst throughout his teenage years.

The British actor, who became a global star after portraying boy wizard Harry Potter, is now moving away from the magic genre.

His latest movie sees the star dip his toes into the rom-com world, with quirky love story What If.

“I love Arthur – the original one with Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli,” Daniel told British magazine Now when they asked his favourite rom-com.

“And Get Over It. It was the reason I was in love with Kirsten Dunst for most of my teenage years.”

In the new flick Daniel plays Wallace, a young medical dropout who’s nursing a broken heart. When he meets Chantry, played by Zoe Kazan, his whole world changes – but the new object of his desire is already loved up with a boyfriend.

It breaks with the norm of a romantic comedy – something that attracted Daniel to the part.

“The fact it was very, very smart. The dialogue was funny but didn’t seem contrived. It’s actually like how people speak, which is great,” he smiled.

Set in Toronto, the film originally called for the actor to speak with an American accent.

But just days before filming got underway, 25-year-old Daniel’s familiar British accent forced producers to change their minds.

“I initially learnt the part as an American. But the two days before we started filming the production company said I had to do with an English accent! They said: ’You’re not marketable is an accent people don’t recognise you for,’” he revealed.
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Saturday, 30. August 2014