Austin Mahone: Hard work pays off

Austin Mahone looks forward to his music getting much bigger.

Austin Mahone feels like his life has been a “marathon”.

The 18-year-old singer was signed to Chase/Universal Republic Records in 2012 and was dubbed one of MTV’s Artists To Watch the year after. He has since been one of the opening acts for Taylor Swift on her Red Tour and released his debut EP, and Austin is still working hard at his music.

His second album The Secret came out earlier this year, and he is thrilled by the success of his single Mmm Yeah featuring Pitbull.

“I think for me it’s just a marathon y’know. I feel like all my life has been that way. It’s a lot of hard work and everything’s slow but eventually you’ll get there. Right now I’m just putting out songs and I’m touring and working, and I just think the more years to come the bigger [my music] is going to be,” Austin told

“[The Secret] was number one on iTunes for the first three days and that was pretty amazing. That was the first time anything went number one for me on iTunes. A lot of my fans seem to love it you know. I was just putting it out there as a little thing I was working on for my fans but my real project that I’m working on is after the tour when I make my first full-length album.”

For the video to Mmm Yeah Austin took inspiration from Jamiroquai’s Virtual Insanity, where lead singer Jay Kay dances around a brightly lit room. Filming his project came with a few bumps and bruises for the teenager though.

“We kind of had that idea and were kind of like, man, we could take a little spin-off of that and make it our own kind of version. We basically built a room and the room kept moving around. I ran into the wall a couple of times,” Austin laughed.
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Wednesday, 27. August 2014