All about the new Geordie lad Kyle!

We know you're curious...

Name: Kyle Christie
Age: 21
Relationship status: Single
Twitter: @KyleCGShore

Typical Geordie lad Kyle considers himself the “Buzz Lightyear of the bucking world who wants to take all the Geordie Shore girls to infinity and beyond.” Yep. Those are his actual words. Good luck with that, Kyle.

>>> Watch Kyle enter the house in Geordie Shore episode 5!

A club promoter from South Shields, he spends his days playing football, boxing and hitting the gym, making sure that he is perfectly ‘Geordified’ for his next night out on the ‘Diamond Strip’. But his habit of purchasing flights overseas after a few too many drinks means his family has now resorted to confiscating his passport when he goes on nights out. Learn more in the video below and we collected some selfies for you as well. Enjoy!

Thursday, 28. August 2014