Hugo Weaving thanks globetrotter mom

Hugo Weaving admits he has had a "blessed, charmed life."

Hugo Weaving feels “incredibly lucky” to have travelled so much as a youngster.

The 54-year-old actor found fame with hit movies such as The Matrix, V for Vendetta and The Lord of the Rings. He currently resides in Sydney with his long-time girlfriend Katrina Greenwood, who he has son Harry and daughter Holly with.

With a tour guide for a mother while growing up, Hugo was fortunate enough to see lots of sights.

“Actually, I feel incredibly lucky, I don’t really from day-to-day, but if I think about it, I’ve been incredibly lucky, punk! I’ve had a very blessed, charmed life,” he told Total Film magazine.

“I was dragged around the world as a child and had a fantastic education of travel. I changed school and country every two years and travelled the globe, finally coming back to Australia when I was 16. But I lived all over the place, which was an incredible gift for a child.”

Many people are under the impression that those who live in Australia are naturally gifted at surfing. However, Hugo insists that isn’t the case and admits he’s no good at the sport.

“I did a bit of body-surfing. Everyone in Oz jumps in the waves and surfs as a kid, on little boards. But I’m not a surfer,” he added. "I’ve never got up on a surfboard.”
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Saturday, 23. August 2014