Justin Theroux: I’m a city mouse

Justin Theroux doesn't like being out in the dark when he's in a small town.

Justin Theroux doesn’t like being in small towns when it’s dark.

The American actor hails from New York City and is much more comfortable in sprawling metropolises. He will never get used to being in smaller towns and can’t ever imagine living in one.

“I don’t do well in small towns. I get nervous in small towns. In New York and Los Angeles, I like the spontaneity of walking around on the street and kind of having that be an extension of your apartment or living room,” he told British magazine Hello!

“It sounds ridiculous but I don’t like it when it gets too dark at night – and it’s not because I’m afraid of the dark. But there’s something about a small town because it really shuts down at night.”

The main problem for Justin is the lack of options in these places. He prefers to be able to choose where he eats or goes to the cinema, so can’t get used to having a couple of eateries which all shut at the same time.

In his new TV show The Leftovers, Justin plays Police Chief Kevin Garvey. The character hails from a small town, which is why the question arose. The show also touches on the subject of cults, another thing Justin has strong feelings about.

“No, I don’t think so,” he replied, when asked if he’s easily seduced by thoughts or people. “Cults are a weird thing because they either attract very weak-minded people or very strong-minded people. I’d like to consider myself a free thinker in that way.”
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Saturday, 23. August 2014