Eva Green’s ‘sweaty’ nerves

Eva Green confesses she is remarkably shy in real life and often perspires profusely during interviews.

Eva Green admits she “gets sweaty” before doing an interview.

The 34-year-old French actress stars in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For as Ava Lord, a character who uses her powers of seduction for evil.

In real life Eva is nothing like the kick-butt women she plays on screen, but the influence of her personas seem to bleed into how she composes herself every now and again.

“Maybe [playing Ava] gave me some confidence in doing press, because I used to be very nervous doing interviews for TV — and I’m still not great, I get sweaty — but I got better,” she told Vulture. “At school, I was really shy. If a teacher asked me a question in front of other people, I’d melt. Lots of actors are very scared in real life, actually.”

Eva confesses she was extremely shaken before shooting sex scenes in her new film.

And sometimes the star is shocked by how brazen she appears onscreen.

“It’s very ironic, because I’m very shy. People don’t believe me: ‘She did The Dreamers, and all these other nude scenes!’ But I remember telling my publicist, ‘I’m really naked in Sin City. Just wait.’” she recalled. “I don’t know any actor who’s comfortable with nudity, but it’s not gratuitous in this film, because [Ava] uses her body as a weapon. Still, in the morning when you have a nude scene, you want to die. You feel quite silly to be in a tiny thong with Josh Brolin, who’s wearing flesh-coloured Spanx, and you’re in front of a green screen — like, ‘This is not happening!’ But [co-director Robert Rodriguez] told us, ‘I’m going to add lots of shadows, and you’ll look great.’ I knew that I could trust him.”
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Saturday, 23. August 2014