Alba dismissed ‘twisted youth group’

Jessica Alba has spoken about why she decided to leave the Catholic church behind in her teens.

Jessica Alba says she was once involved in a “very twisted” youth group.

The 33-year-old Sin City actress was part of the Catholic Church growing up, but she decided to move away from her religious affiliations as a teenager.

She remembers having a shift in perception when, at 15, her then-friends shamed her for playing a girl infected with gonorrhea in an episode of US TV hospital drama Chicago Hope.

“Oh, yeah. That was actually my born-again Christian friends that didn’t approve of that one, and yeah, that was my born-again Christian youth group I was in. Very twisted,” she recalled to The Daily Beast.

Jessica reveals her concepts of right and wrong altered dramatically during her teens. And she began directly challenging the ideals she was raised with after falling for a unique performer.

“I fell in love when I was 16 and had this major crush on… I guess he was a drag queen? He was bisexual and a ballerina, and this was while I was at the Atlantic Theater Company in Vermont,” Jessica shared. “We used to go to this gay club and I’d dance with him all night, four nights a week. I was so in love with him and thought, ‘There’s no way this guy’s going to hell,’ because in my church, it was, ‘Anybody who’s gay is going to hell’ and ‘Premarital sex is evil’, and I thought, ‘There’s no chance! This guy is amazing!’ So that went right out the window.”
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Monday, 18. August 2014