Kylie Jenner blamed for car crash

Kylie Jenner’s “aggressive” driving caused her collision in Los Angeles, California last week, according to the lawyer of the other driver involved.

Kylie Jenner has been accused of causing a car crash that reportedly left one person injured.

The 17-year-old reality TV star was involved in a collision on Los Angeles, California last Thursday.

Kylie blamed the incident on a reckless driver who she claimed swerved into her lane and rear-ended her, according to TMZ.

But the outlet reports the lawyer representing the other woman involved in the incident alleges Kylie made an illegal U-turn without warning and “crashed into oncoming traffic”.

Attorney Gary Daglian said the passenger in his client’s vehicle had to be hospitalised as a result of the collision. The extent of the passenger’s injuries were not clear at press time.

The lawyer also claimed Kylie was “aggressive” and tried to pressure his client into a cash settlement rather than calling police and insurance companies.

A spokesperson for Kylie had yet to comment on the claims at press time.

The TV star reportedly received the $90,000 Range Rover involved in the crash a month before her August 10 birthday.

Last week’s accident isn’t her first time getting into trouble behind the wheel.

Kylie was ticketed for driving with tinted windows and driving with a teenager last year, and she received a citation in January for speeding, according to TMZ.

MailOnline reports Kylie was also involved in a three-car collision last August, just a few weeks after receiving her licence.

She was reportedly driving a $125,000 Mercedes-Benz SUV at the time, and was accused of slamming into a Toyota, which subsequently hit a Volkswagen SUV.

No injuries were reported in that incident.
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Monday, 18. August 2014