Hudson: I support students

Jennifer Hudson and her sister Julia have spoken about why they choose to help struggling students through their charitable foundation.

Jennifer Hudson wants students to know she is “here for them”.

The 32-year-old actress and singer founded the Julian D. King Gift Foundation in 2009 with her sister Julia. The non-profit organisation is named after her late nephew, Julia’s son Julian, who was murdered along with Jennifer’s mother and brother in 2008.

On Thursday, Jennifer donated school supplies to 8,100 Chicago children in need with the help of her sister and other volunteers at the foundation’s 2014 Hatch Day Celebration.

“Our goal each year is very simple. We want these kids to know we are here for them and paying attention to their needs,” Jennifer said about the event, according to celebrity website The YBF. “If one child walks away with that feeling, then we’ve been successful. Chicago needs positive support more than ever and we hope that by doing this, we can encourage the next generation to keep on in that direction.”

The songstress’ sister Julia agrees with her sibling.

The family is devoted to giving back to their community and honouring Julian’s memory simultaneously.

“Going to school has never been more expensive. We want our community’s children to have everything they need in order to start the school year out right and that’s what we aim to do every year we host Hatch Day in Julian’s honour,” Julia noted.

In addition to donating school supplies, The Julian D. King Gift Foundation provides Chicago-area children with seasonal gifts.

In October, Jennifer was awarded with the Samsung Galaxy Impact Award at Variety’s Power of Women event for her charitable efforts.

Her work with the foundation has also been honoured with trophies from the Grammys, the Hill Awards and VH1’s Do Something Awards.
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Friday, 15. August 2014