Radcliffe ‘receives nipple message’

Daniel Radcliffe had a lot of fun filming racy scenes with his What If co-star Zoe Kazan.

Daniel Radcliffe read his co-star’s nipple pastie notes while filming What If.

The 25-year-old actor is currently promoting the new romantic comedy, which is about a young man who falls in love with a woman who already has a boyfriend.

Zoe Kazan stars opposite Daniel in the film and shooting sex scenes with her were eventful, as they found unique ways of communicating with each other.

“We had a lot of fun. Zoe wrote me a message on her nipple pasties which said, ‘Hi Dan’. It was a concise message. It was fun, it was a good couple of days,” he told British newspaper the Daily Mail at the red carpet UK premiere of What If, which was hosted in London’s Leicester Square.

Daniel discovered a clever way to respond to Zoe.

But he found it difficult to write legibly on his rear end.

“I tried to write, ‘Hi Zoe’ on my bum, but I seem to remember trying to do it in a mirror. My handwriting is not great at the best of times. Trying to do it backwards on the back side of me, it would not have gone well,” Daniel explained.

“Very few people need it, to be fair. There’s not a great call in life for being able to write on your bum.”

Daniel was thoroughly comfortable filming racy scenes with Zoe.

And he didn’t feel daunted by the on set environment in the slightest.

“I’ve had much worse nude scenes in my life,” he shared. “It was kind of a fun scene because it’s about skinny dipping and actually that night, it wasn’t warm but it wasn’t nearly as cold as I have felt it be in Canada at that time of year, so it could definitely have been a lot worse.”

What If, which also stars Adam Driver and Mackenzie Davis, reaches theatres this month.
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Wednesday, 13. August 2014