Josh Brolin: Green's so sexy

Josh Brolin was mesmerised by Eva Green's eyes during Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Josh Brolin thinks Eva Green has an “incredible seductive power”.

The 46-year-old actor stars alongside the French actress in the upcoming movie Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. In it Eva plays the title dame Ava Lord, while Josh takes on the role of Dwight McCarthy – a role originally played by Clive Owen in the first instalment.

Speaking about what makes the brunette beauty the perfect choice for the part, Josh appeared to be mesmerised by his co-star’s appearance.

“She has these eyes,” he gushed to “There’s something about her eyes. [Director] Robert [Rodriguez] said he started with a wide shot and he realised it wasn’t working… you don’t usually go in for a close-up first and foremost, and he did… She has incredible seductive power.”

A poster for the feature which sees Eva wearing a sheer white gown, almost revealing her breasts, has been banned in some places or edited to be more modest. She and Josh shot some steamy scenes for the film and the American star recalled how comfortable she seemed showing her body.

“Her, coming from Europe and all that, that’s not an issue,” he explained. “It’s a much bigger issue for us. We like violence and no sex, which I don’t quite understand. But this move has both in very extreme, absurd ways.”

Josh even admitted to getting flustered thinking about the intimate moments.

For Eva, however, it was a different story. She may ooze confidence while in character in reality the brunette beauty didn’t feel the same.

“You know, he’s wearing flesh coloured Spanx and I’m wearing a tiny thong, and we feel not really sexy, actually, and quite silly,” she giggled.

When asked whether she can relate to her on screen alter ego at all, Eva admitted she has little in common with the “man eater” of a character, who she describes as a “fantasy”.
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Thursday, 07. August 2014