Rita Ora: Music is scary

Rita Ora believes the entertainment industry can lead some people to the brink of madness.

Rita Ora is convinced being a part of the music scene is “scary”.

The British songstress shot to fame when her debut studio album Ora was released in 2012 and she recently landed an acting role in highly anticipated movie, Fifty Shades of Grey.

But now that she is a celebrity, Rita has seen a dark side of the limelight which she finds incredibly troubling.

“Being around music is a scary place,” she told Clash magazine. “You see how it really changes people, so I’ve experienced a lot of things.”

Rita recently broke up with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris after dating since May 2013 and she has had other high-profile relationships with fellow celebrities like Rob Kardashian.

Right now she is working on her second LP and the 23-year-old admits many of her songs on the offering, especially a single entitled Poison, are about heartbreak.

“I’ve just experienced a bit more,” she explained.

“I’ve been in a relationship, I’ve seen what happens to people – I’ve even seen the drug life [around me]. This is about my bad luck with love.”

Rita is rumoured to be dating Richard ‘Ricky’ Hilfiger, the son of fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger.

However it appears she is focusing more on her album currently, as it already spawned massive single I Will Never Let You Down and is slated for release in November.

“There are people on it who I would never even have dreamed of: Jay Z and Prince for example,” she gushed to German magazine Bravo. "And the music will be as honest as possible – I feel so free at the moment.”
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Thursday, 07. August 2014