Legend: Students need emotional support

John Legend is grateful for the support he received from teachers during his parents’ divorce.

John Legend is grateful teachers held him “accountable”.

The 35-year-old performer works with Turnaround for Children, a non-profit that partners with and helps improve high-poverty schools through teacher training. The All of Me singer faced his own struggles growing up, with his parents divorcing when he was ten. However, he is thankful for the support he received from his teachers at the time.

“It was important to have teachers and counsellors at school who could give emotional support," he explained to People magazine. “All of these people took extra time to show me that they cared and were going to hold me accountable.”

John has taken the time to visit multiple schools in New York to speak with students about his commitment to education and feels it is “exciting” to know that teachers and their students are benefitting from the organization’s training.

“[The students] were really happy and felt like there was much more support for them,” the Grammy winner shared.

“One of the most determining factors of your success in life is whether you stick with something. Finishing school is a manifestation of that.”

The singer has produced four albums, the latest being Love in the Future, which spawned the hit single All of Me.

The performer is currently touring but took a break from work earlier this week to visit his wife, Chrissy Teigen. The couple, who got engaged in 2011 after six years of dating and then married last year, stopped by a New York City restaurant to celebrate the model’s cover for DuJour magazine, Page Six reports.
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Friday, 01. August 2014