Lily Allen: Miley is incredible

Lily Allen is all for Miley Cyrus' seductive adult look and feels proud of the younger popstar.

Lily Allen is proud of Miley Cyrus.

The two pop stars are about to hit the road together, with Brit Lily joining the former Disney star on her Bangerz Tour for a select few dates.

Discussing Miley’s existence in the music world, Lily couldn’t help but gush about how much she admires the young star.

“She’s incredible, and she has such a presence. Her personality is what shines through. I’m not close to Miley, I don’t know her very well, but I feel proud of her,” Lily told Billboard.

Recalling a time she saw the 21-year-old take to the stage, Lily has no doubt that Miley was born to perform.

Bangerz Tour kicked off in Canada in February and has taken in dates in North America and Europe. It comes to a close in Australia at the end of October.

“It’s kind of incredible to watch – she’s a real force. There’s no two ways about it, she’s meant to be up there doing that,” Lily smiled.

The 29-year-old mother-of-two also spoke about Miley’s drastic image change, going from playing the squeaky clean Hannah Montana to her much more seductive adult persona.

Since reaching adulthood, Miley has sheared her long locks off into a peroxide crop and often flaunts her body in barely-there clothes.

“It must have been very tough for her to make that transition from the Disney into herself, essentially. People don’t really like change in this day and age, and not only has she succeeded in changing her complete persona, but she’s done it in an in-your-face way, which I love.

“I’m all for that kind of stuff,” she championed.

Lily starts her Bangerz dates on August 1 until August 10.

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Thursday, 31. July 2014